"As a result of what we’ve done thus far with MMS, we Senior Leaders have a greater understanding of what leadership is about, and how to deal with problems and issues that are related to it. The PM’s are doing higher quality work, with greater confidence. We’ve kept the same size staff over the last year and a half, and our gross revenue is up by 8%, an indication that we are indeed more productive than we were two years ago. And we are that without being quite so stressed. The positive changes in performance, from just one of our upper middle managers, have been worth enough to justify the investment we’ve made in the MMS training (for over 20 people)."

- Dean Niese, COO
Mannik & Smith

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What We Do - Develop Total Leaders

Modern day competition is creating a revolution in the ways successful companies do business. Empowering rather than over-powering is the way peak performing companies win the hearts and minds of their people and maximize their potential. When members at every level of an organization learn to trust one another and work together as a team, they can produce the quality of goods and services needed to be competitive.

For businesses to become truly empowering , they must develop leaders throughout the organization. Many believe the organization of the future is an organization where everyone is a leader.

These ideas form the very foundation of the LMI/MMS Total Leader Concept™. That concept is based on two vital principles:



For organizations to succeed in the 21st Century they must develop leaders throughout the total organization



For leadership development to be effective it must utilize a complete, integrated total leadership development process.

Too often organizations have attempted to develop leaders with a fragmented approach. They focus on one area, or one attribute, or one facet of leadership believing that is all they need. Leadership is much more complex than that. Trying to develop leaders this way is like trying to become a professional athlete by only practicing one skill. The best athletes are total athletes… they excel at all aspects of their sport and they possess the confidence and mental strength to perform in the heat of competition. The same is true with leaders. The best leaders, Total Leaders, excel at all parts and facets of leadership.



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